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Why Is It So Important To You To Have Good Family Relationships?

A fact of life: People are not born loners. We all want and need good relationships with others to be happy and to succeed in life. Don't be embarrassed of this, this is just how humans are "hardwired".

Another fact of life: Relationships are TOUGH. Each person wants something and it doesn't always fit in what the other one wants. This can cause deep emotional hurt.

A third fact of life: Family relationships are the toughest of all relationships. Think about it, you are close to the person, and probably lived in the same house together for many years. They know you, your quirks, your moods - and how to push your buttons.

Besides the fact that family members know "how to get you" your reaction to their criticism or rejection is also much more intense than your reaction to other people's criticism and rejection.

The reason for this is simply because there is so much at stake; the security that a family offers and your whole identity!

There is brighter side to the coin, however; even though family relationships are tough deep down inside every family member really wants to help each other.

Unfortunately good solid family relationships sometimes grow apart because of misunderstandings or other petty and trivial matters that were blown way out of proportion.

The good news is that the proper family relationships advice can help you to resolve these matters and restore the family relationships in ways that everyone gains.


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