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The Gift of ADD

Recognize the gift of ADD

The words ‘Attention Deficit Disorder’ indicate that it is some serious sort of mental disorder. This word takes our attention to the darkest side of such kids. I think it is not fair. This nomenclature needs to be changed. I don’t know why kids like this are called suffering from some disorder. Kids like this are amazing in some other ways. They have lots of rare positive qualities. They are raw material for geniuses. And that's the gift of ADD.

Not all such kids have all these positive qualities but usually you will find many of the following genius qualities in such kids:

  • Likes to take risks
  • Loves thrills
  • Enthusiastic
  • Passionate
  • Warm hearted
  • Creative
  • Interesting and humorous
  • Intuitive
  • Forgiving
  • Constantly tries for improvement
  • Lateral thinkers
  • Holistic thinking mind
  • Looks at the big picture of things and situations
  • Charismatic

Garret LoPorto, a father of ADHD child, and author of DaVinci Method finds a LeoNardo DaVinci in every ADD/ADHD child. He has exhaustively dealt with the gift of ADD/ADHD kids, most sussessful people in the world with ADHD, how does ADHD brain works differently, how to utilize the ADHD gifts for best performance, and much more.


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