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Pro Corporal Punishment

Some people are great supporters of corporal punishment. They see only positive effects of corporal punishment. According to them following are the advantages of corporal punishment:

  • That’s the only language children understand, and they understand it instantaneously.
  • That’s how you can prevent children from spoiling.
  • I’m good and successful today because my parents hit me when I did something wrong. That's why I'm doing well in life. I suffered no harm from my parents having beaten me.
  • It has deterrent effect as well. If you beat one child in front of other children, not only that child learns to behave, others also learn a lesson to behave.
  • Children try and test your limits. Show them some physical punishment so that they know it very clearly that each mistake of theirs will attract some physical punishment.
  • It is only fear which restrains children from misbehaving. Show the something to be afraid of and they will behave.
  • Corporal punishment has instantaneous effect. Children obey and behave absolutely right when punished.
  • Pampering and talking to them lovingly spoils them.
  • There is no point in talking to them regarding solving any of their behavior problem because they are young and have no understanding of the worldly wisdom. So it's better not to waste time on teaching them through talking. Just show them the fear of doing something wrong and they will do everything right.
  • History of corporal punishment suggests that it has taught children to behave over last so many ages.

If all this is right, why do people feel guilty after every act of causing physical punishment to their children? This feeling of guilt is our internal voice, from our higher self.

Isn't it the same feeling which we get after doing something wrong? This feeling is our internal meter, a device installed by God.

It measures our acts on a devine scale and tells us what we did was right or wrong. We might fool the whole world, but we can't fool our inner voice.

When my little brother gets a beating, he always ends up going back behaving in the same nature. 

If you have tried and failed using all kinds of corporal punishments on children, try reading and applying the techniques mentioned in Good Child Guide by Dr. Noel Swanson, BM, MRCPsych. This is a wonderful manual to control and discipline children without getting into power struggle with them. I have applied his techniques at my home and found them more than useful. Believe me you can easily do without any physical punishment if you follow the 'Good Child Guide'.


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