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Have A Great Story About Child Descipline?

You have been a child. And now you are a parent. You must have come across so many memorable stories in your journey from a child to a parent.

Which is the best story you have? Something that moved your heart, or something that makes you smile even today.

Were you a naughty child? how did your parents handle you?

Do you want to share with us any of such incidents? Something that moved your heart, or something that makes you smile even today.

  • Did your parents punished you physically?
  • Do you punish your children physically?

Share your memories and thoughts with the whole world. We'll publish it on our blog, so that the whole world can read it.

And don't forget to upload a picture, if you have one. Tell us more things about the picture. Let the whole world watch your story.

Your Story

I was "Beaten" and I lived to tell my story
When I was a child I was a hellian. I was a very curious boy. If mom told me not to touch the stove I wanted to know how hot it actually was, so I touched ...

Spanking is NOT BEATING!
No normal parent (myself included)wants to spank their child but there are times when children push boundries too far and physical intervention is necessary....

My Thoughts
I am pro corporal punishment. I was punished with corporal punishment as a child and teen and I also use corporal punishment on my kids.

Ignorant Morons
I very seriously hope that someone reads this. You can tell a child no, and teach them what no means. If you can't do that you aren't a very good parent....

Sad Momma
I am not sure where to start... A little background, maybe. I have three children, a 9 yr old, 5 yr old and a 3 yr old. My 9 yr old is actually not mine,

I was Abused...
Ever since I can remember, my father was always very abusive to me emotionally, mentally, physically, verbally. He used to tell me words like You are worthless,


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