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The Bully Child

About 75% of the people in jail have been bully at some point of time in their childhood. Isn’t this an indicator that a bully child could be a potential criminal in future?

Looking at the other side, two third of the total shooting incidents in schools in America are the cases where the victims shot at the bullies out of revenge.

Isn't all this scaring?

If yes, read on … and If no, just check out and make sure that your child isn't a bully. Parents of a bully child are the last persons to know that their child is a bully.

Bullying is extremely dangerous for the bully child. Bully child is a potential a human bomb. It has to explode sometime time somewhere. It is only a matter of time. It might explode after 10-15 years. The right time to defuse this time bomb is NOW. … without wasting any time any longer. Prevention is always better than cure. kid boy bully pirate

Parents of Bullies

Most of the times parents of bullies are not bothered about this problem even if they have seen their kid bully around. It happens because their child never complains anything about it. The child does not complain because he is not the victim but the cause himself.

When ever any school or society calls for a meeting on the issue of bullying, the number of parents of bully children is hopelessly low. Parents of Bully child don’t feel any necessity to go to such meetings. They think that it is meant for the parents of the victims only.

In fact it is the other way round. Bullying does more harm to the bully than the victim. The victim may move away from the bully to other areas of life in future and he may not remain victim of this bully child any longer. But this bully child gets more motivated and turn into a bigger bully and might sometime turn into a criminal and land into a prison.

Common Characteristics of the bully child

Some of the common characteristics of the bully children are:

  •     Insensitive to others
  •     Impulsive, can’t wait for his turn
  •     Easily gets angry
  •     Dominating attitude
  •     Aggressive behavior
  •     Low tolerance level
  •     Over asserting himself
  •     Tendency to intimidate younger and weaker kids
  •     Tendency to break rules
  •     Criminal tendencies

What does bullying teach a bully?

Bullying teaches a child that :

  •     Violence, aggression and threats are acceptable behaviors
  •     Aggression is the only way to deal with people
  •     Bullying easily get them what they want
  •     It is easy to victimize people
  •     Respect can be earned only by terrorizing other and not loving others

Bully vs Victim

The Bully is generally bigger and stronger than the victim. Most of the times he is with his gang of friends who encourage him to bully the victim. Victim is generally alone or with other victims. The bully always has fun and enjoys bullying, while victim always feels pain, misery and distress.

The vicious circle of Bullying

Bullying creates a vicious circle. It makes the victim scared of the bully, which encourages the bully and makes it easier for him to bully the victim again and again. Repeated bullying keeps adding to the intensity and makes the victim more scared and the circle keeps on going … unless the pattern is broken by somebody outside this vicious circle.

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