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Bully Types

Bullying is a tendency of intentionally hurting others without sufficient reasons. Threatening to hurt is also bullying. ‘Hurt’ may be physical, verbal, non-verbal, social or sexual.

Various Bully Types

Following are the most common bully types.

1. Physical bullying

  •     Hitting, kicking, pushing, spitting, intimidating
  •     Snatching, stealing, hiding, breaking or spoiling belongings of others
  •     Making others do things they don't want to do

2. Verbal Bullying

  •     Name-calling, humiliating, teasing, ridiculing, insulting
  •     Sarcasm, making fun beyond a point
  •     Saying or writing nasty things about others

3. Non-Verbal Bullying

  •     Making offending gestures
  •     Mimicking the physical activity, disability or postures of others

4. Social bullying

  •     Refusing to talk to victim
  •     Spreading rumors about someone
  •     Making someone behave in a manner he doesn't want to behave
  •     making someone feel uncomfortable or scared
  •     leaving someone out of group activities

5. Sexual bullying

  •     Vulgar remarks and gestures
  •     unwanted physical contact

6. Cyber bullying


  •     mobile phones
  •     e-mails
  •     websites
  •     cameras

or any other gadgets to hurt others by sending unpleasant messages, photos or clips.

All forms of bullying severely damage the victim emotionally. Most of the times a bully mixes more than one of these bully types.


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