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Child Behavior

All of us are different from each other in many ways. Same is the case with kids. Each child behavior is different and special in some ways. Every child has some peculiar strengths and weaknesses.

The gender also has a significant effect on child behavior. Don't girls behave different than boys. I'm sure you must have noticed this since your childhood. People have written volumes of best selling books on that. Though beyond the scope of this site, it is another interesting area to explore.

Corinne Fourcade, an experienced mom of two boys, has poured all her experience and research on parenting boys into her wonderful theme based rich content website called Parenting-Boys.com, with the catchy slogan 'Because boys will be boys'. She also writes easy to follow information on parenting styles, boys development stages, single parenting and much more. A visit to her site is worth it.

I have yet to come across a site like that on parenting girls.

So keep in mind the gender characteristics of your child while exploring his or her behavior.

Looking Beyond the gender factor, child behavior is a mixture of her inherent behavior and learned behavior.

Inherent Child Behavior:

Each child is born with a particular set of genes. This set of genes comes from her father and mother.

So every child borrows a part of her behavior from the families of her father and mother. This set of genes sets a particular behavior in every child. This part of behavior is almost of permanent nature and it is hard to change it.

Child’s body and mind constitution speak a lot about his basic inherent behavior. If we can know and identify a particular body mind constitution of a child, not only we can know and predict her behavior but we can also find ways to manage, control, avoid or encourage a particular behavior.

Learned Child behavior:

This is the behavior that child learns from her environment. This behavior is learned in a manner any other habit is learned. Habits can certainly be changed. If habits can be changed, this part of behavior can be also changed.

However, even if a habit is changed it is likely to come back if the environment responsible for unwanted habit is not changed. Therefore in order for a good habit to stay permanently, environment has to be changed for good. What is environment for a child?

Certainly, for a child, her environment is made up of everything that surrounds her, like:

  •     Behavior and attitude of family members
  •     Friend circle
  •     School mates
  •     Teachers
  •     Daily personal experiences
  •     Television shows
  •     Movies
  •     Advertisements
  •     Video games
  •     Social habits and styles
  •     Surrounding circumstances

      ... And the list goes on.

Every family or society behaves in a particular manner. What is considered good in a society may not be considered acceptable in some other society. If we want to change a behavior that the child has learned, we first need to do identify the source from where she has learned it, then we need to do something to eliminate the source, and replace it with another source which teaches a good habit and settles the good habit permanently.

How to find out the source for a learned child behavior.


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