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Positive Discipline

The meaning of discipline is different for people in different circumstances. For Army and Police people discipline means strictly following a system, irrespective of personal likes, dislikes, traits, habits etc. For schools it is slightly mild form of following the system. For homes it is further mild as the rules and systems are never so strict at home.

However, most people see discipline as a consequence of fear of punishment ... and therefore this concept of discipline seems to me a negative discipline, where people do not desire to behave in a particular manner, but they do so only because of fear of punishment.

Thus an outside force keeps them in discipline. When ever this external force is removed, people cease to behave in that particular manner.

Positive discipline works in a totally opposite direction. It makes people feel like behaving in desired manner. This force comes from within the hearts of people.

It takes a little time to settle but it does work. It can be taught and learnt. There are ways and means to learn and teach it. After some initial support, it settles permanently in the behavior.

This kind of discipline is also positive because it produces positive emotions and feeling in the hearts of people. People do it happily.

It works on children even better.

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