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Finding the Source of a learned child behavior

Learned child behavior can be corrected only when you know the source from where the child has learned it.

When ever I find my six years old son say some bad words, I am shocked. Then I regain my senses and tell myself, “ I am his role model. I need to behave in the best possible manner.” Telling this to myself helps me recover the shock and control myself.

Then I give him a warm hug, look into his eyes and lovingly whisper, “My son is the best boy in the whole world. He always utters good and pleasing words. But just now my son has said some bad words. I am sure you must have heard it somewhere. Would you like to tell me where did you here it from?”

99% of the time he tells me the whole story about it… who said this … what had happened ... when did it happen … why did it happen … how it happened … how he felt … and so on….. and he tells me all this loaded with all shades of emotions he experienced.

So now I know the source of his learned behavior that I didn't like. Now I can do some thing about it. Just imagine what would have happened if I had shouted at him and made him uncomfortable. He would never have let me known about the source. And I could never have done anything about it.

Well this example may not fit in every situation. But the information about the source of learned child behavior is hidden in his heart ... and the only way to open any child heart is to pour lots of warm love over it ... and it will open itself …. fully … effortlessly. The harder you try more tightly it will close and lock itself.


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