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Add vs Adhd

Tabulated differences between Add and Adhd (Add vs Adhd)

In common parlance Add and Ahhd mean one and the same thing. But if a child has attention problem, the parents must understand the difference between the two. Add (Attention deficit deficiency) may occur with and without hyperactivity. If it occurs with hyperactivity, it is 'Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder'.

For our discussion here, ADD refers to Attention Deficit Disorder without hyperactivity. There are numerous differences between the two disorders. Here is a tabulated account of Add vs Adhd:


(Without Hyperactivity)
(With Hyperactivity)
Weaker Parietal Lobe of brain Weaker Frontal Lobe of brain
Patient Impulsive, want instant gratification
Fearful and anxious Daring, crave for excitement
Mentally restless Physically Hyperactive
Avoid physical activities Love physical activities
Sensitive and fragile Rough and tough
Think Logically Think emotionally
Daydreamer Not daydreamer
Introvert Extrovert
Co-operative and Sensitive to others Don’t care about people
Tolerant Intolerant
Don’t express their feelings Over expressive and over reactive
Flexible thinkers Rigid thinkers
Lie only to please others Impulsive liar, Lie without any reason and fear
Low risk of criminal activity Very High risk of Criminal activity


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