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Spanking is NOT BEATING!...

No normal parent (myself included) wants to spank their child but there are times when children push boundaries too far and physical intervention is necessary.

As a child my parents spanked me maybe two to three times that I remember and I DESERVED IT! Most of the time my mother just had to look at me for me to know I went too far and for the most part that was enough of a deterrent.

I do the same with my kids. They know when I mean business and they act accordingly. They have some fear of the consequences and that I keep MY WORD as to what will happen if they choose not to listen. Because I instilled this respect with them at a young age I rarely had to spank them. All that was needed was a look or something said at the right tone for the meaning to come across.

The first and most important thing in raising children is to instill the fact that you are the PARENT AND NOT THEIR FRIEND! If you are worried about them "loving" you then you will wind up on Dr. Phil or worse Jerry Springer.

One more point I would like to make is when I read all the "anti-corporal punishment" arguments they all skew from what I would call beatings!

If someone can't distinguish the difference between smacking a kid in the behind and punching them with a closed fist...then all I can say is "they" need some counseling not the parent who knows the difference.

Not only that but coddling a child to the point that they have no fear for any consequence because your worried about their spirit is more detrimental to them in the long run.

Society has no worries about instilling FEAR in people who break the law! What do you think prison or jail is? It's punishment..period.

When a teen breaks the law what happens?.. Time-out. no they are punished not coddled. Most kids today think they are entitled to everything and don't want to work for any of it. And parents are to blame for most of their dysfunction.

Teach your kids right and wrong from the beginning and hopefully they will grow up to be descent human beings. Look at Donald Trumps kids... I don't think he coddled them growing up.

Be their parent not their friend and you will have done your job and they will love and respect you for it for the rest of their lives.

Submitted by Caring Parent (NY USE)


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